Welcome to the Scarlet Nirvana Podcast with best selling author, Victoria Lynn Schmidt. At 5 minutes or less, these mini talks are short and powerful. They spark slow & steady changes, that build over time. Walk a dynamic inner journey to change yourself; write a bestselling story, blog, or article that helps change the world; or guidance on excelling at life.

Victoria Graduated from UCLA-NYU-Loyola & studied with masters in many fields from Quantum Physics to Yoga Philosophy to Martial Arts. She brings 1,000 of hours of training to her work, combining many disciplines to create something unique. The wisdom and techniques presented are from a wide variety of sources and do not subscribe to any particular ideology. Everyone is welcome.

Effecting your world

As women we can easily lose touch with what makes us happy and excited as we tend to everyone else’s needs around us, whether we are a CEO or a stay at home mom. But what does this cost those we tend to? What are they missing out of if we don’t bring our...

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Yoga – lose more than weight

My journey through vinyasa and kundalini yoga has been one of fun, challenge, and letting go. One of the things I’ve let go of is physical weight which is great, so many women join for that reason, but another thing I’ve let go of is mental and emotional...

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Book Review: Alphabet vs the Goddess

Book Review – Definitely recommended. “The Alphabet vs The Goddess – Conflict of Word and Image” by Leonard Shlain with a very provocative historical thesis – that with the introduction of alphabetic writing (left brain masculine) and the moving away from pictorial...

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Humble your Warrior

Deeper meaning of a yoga pose. As women we often feel as if we have to keep up with the world around us, some of us waking at the crack of dawn, going over all we have to do that day in our heads. We loose sight of our true self before we even get out of bed. We...

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