Author: Victoria Lynn Schmidt

Break Out of a Rut

Whether you’re a writer now or you long to be one, creativity isn’t something that’s always easy to wrangle. You’re heard the stories about writer’s block and you know that some writers are good, but never quite great. The most difficult experience for any writer – new or not so new – is the experience of getting into a rut. When you begin to write the same things over and over, or you just begin to feel like your creativity isn’t flowing the way it used to, it’s time to take action.[more…] Get Out of the House Writing is so often a solitary practice, one in which you sit at a computer screen and try to come up with new ideas. But since your computer isn’t going to help you with these new thoughts, it’s time to get out of the house. You need to get out and experience life in order to write about it. Whether this means you head out for a coffee at a local café or you go to the park for a walk, you need to make sure you get out and experience life more often than you are doing right now. When you begin to interact with the outside world, you will begin to see things that will inspire you. Change Your Routine Many times, just being in a routine can cause you...

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Feel Worthy?

It’s hard to pursue publication and success, especially in a creative field, if you don’t feel worthy of succeeding. Do you have thoughts floating around the back of you head that you aren’t good enough? That you will never be successful at this? That it is all a waste of time? That the odds are against you? That maybe you could sell a few books but a 100,000 seems impossible? Do you tell yourself you can do it, yet deep down you know you are lying to yourself?[more…] If you’re not sure, then try this: set a timer to go off every 60 minutes and just record what you were thinking at that time. You’ll be amazed when you start to see a pattern emerge…. is it a good pattern? You have to believe in yourself, this is not just about saying affirmations mind you, this is about BELIEVING in yourself and what your thoughts tell you, you can accomplish. Explore it and see what...

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80/20 Rule

Thanks for all your great responses to last blog’s question (both privately and on the blog). I’m glad to know many of you are interested in the creative process! Ever heard of the Pareto Principle? It explains how successful results come from 20% of your hard work and the other 80% is just wasted effort. In business this is a well known principle and has been proven true time and time again. [more…]As writers I think we can all relate to this principle whether it’s wasting time on chores that don’t really need to get done or wasting 80% on starting numerous writing projects without getting any of them completed. Boy if we could just focus on that 20% all the time how wonderful that would be! The question is – “How do you know what the 20% is that will get you results without having to waste the other 80% to get there?” Calm your mind. Pure and simple. When you are calm you develop 20/20 vision and can see which actions will give you that 20%.You can calm your mind before you decide what needs to be done in a day, or which projects to work on, with meditation, deep breathing, soft music or any number of calming activities you enjoy. In one sense Julia Cameron’s daily pages serves to accomplish this task, I know many of...

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What holds writers back?

In my experience, there is only one thing that holds writers back. That’s it. Just one measily little thing. It’s NOT: – lack of time – lack of drive – cramped writing space – absense of support from others – poor schooling – the day job – responsibilities…..[more…] Those things can deter us and keep us from working at our best. They can certaintly hinder us and keep us from writing 10 books a year as many of us seem to have so many ideas to get down! But they do not hold us back. What holds us back is DOUBT pure and simple. “Doubt is what keeps one from taking action” as Dr. Masters says. If you are not living up to your goals and finishing projects, even if it takes years, take a look and see if doubt is at the core of what’s hindering you. Explore why you might have doubts about your work? Where do those doubts come from? How did you get them? Can you let them go? Can you work in spite of them? How do you overcome doubt? As you go about writing your ‘idea’ don’t think of it as your idea but instead think of it as your muse’s idea. Know that s/he will follow up with all the subsequent ideas need to bring a piece to completion. That s/he believes...

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Great Thoughts

"Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." Thoreau