Creative Alignment

Creative Alignment

Often writers and artists procrastinate because we don’t feel we are ready yet to begin our work, we don’t feel inspired, we can’t face the unknown. We want to know we will be successful, that this project will pay the bills, that everything will work out for our art but, like an entrepreneur we have to just move forward and trust ourselves.

“We have to know who we are, then whatever we create will be in alignment with our spirit and there is no failure.” Victoria Schmidt ‘Tweet this’

Don’t make one piece of work your whole existence, your whole identity, and don’t be like pop singers who changes their focus every year, reinventing themselves to keep the whole world interested. Things are different now. Find who you are at your core, be true to that. Then worry about markets and readership. Stay aligned.

Things have changed, many writers have a core fan base and make more money with 5,000 fans who buy regularly then those who strive for a more random 100,000s of fans that usually never buy or come back. Align with your true self, then you will find those who align with your work. Don’t deviate from that unless you are called to do so… and it all works out.

Can the future change the past?

Can the future change the past?

Quantum physicists recently revealed “that future actions may influence past events, at least when it comes to the messy, mind-bending world of quantum physics.” by entangling particles “after they may no longer exist.” (4-30-2012 livescience)

As a healer, writer, & alternative scientist at heart it makes me wonder – Does this mean we will be able to change and possibly heal our past? and where exactly is our past?

If time is not linear then perhaps we could find a way to change past events but scientists go on to state that “In the quantum world, things behave differently than they do in the real, macroscopic world we can see and touch around us.” (4-30-2012 livescience)

This is not something we have heard about in manifesting and law of attraction books. These books often are studying the quantum world an applying it to the macroscopic world as if they are equally related and operate under the same rules. If we can manipulate time in the quantum world, there is still much to be learned to be able to manipulate time in the macroscopic world, though it can be done.

The questions that come to mind are:

  • would we even know something was done?
  • could our minds handle it?
  • could we be still enough to hold one time frame while another merges in?
  • would we lose all of the things we have learned from the past?
  • how would this effect art and the written word? (the things we have created)
  • Perhaps the act of creation requires a time line that is set in stone?

In many cases our view of time and of the past is so solid, so concrete, it would be hard to allow such an event to happen. Merely bringing up this research has people squirming, trying to inch their way out of the discussion.

Think about it – If one had cancer for years and built an entire identity and belief system around dealing with such a disease, could they just let go of the layers and layers of energetic mass around having that to begin with? And what about their family, would they hold it in place for the patient regardless of what he did?

It may be possible to rewrite the past, but if the intention for things to stay as they are is stronger, that intention will always win.

“A car has a pretty strong intention to stay a car” (What the Bleep do we know)

We haven’t yet mastered the present world as we know just yet, let’s see if we can do that first. Let’s just see if we can find the present moment.


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Creativity or Despair

Creativity or Despair

Creativity can happen anywhere at any time. To put limits or rules upon it is to kill it. It is when we awaken to the beauty of the moment that our minds relax and we can hear the muse once again.

For some this means a need to change locations, for others this means a need for total quiet. But it’s not these ‘things’ that give us creativity, these things just allow us to settle in so we can then allow creativity to come, but creativity is not dependent on these things.

There are many ways you can find your creative spirit when you are in the grips of creative despair. Don’t become dependent on one way of creating. That way will become a crutch, an excuse, for why you can’t create because you don’t have it.

Oh how the unconscious mind will seek to make sure you don’t have it! It wants to protect you from failure and keep you safe. Set up rules, and you only give it fuel.


What is your creativity rule? Can you break it please! (Tweet It)


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15 day writing mark

15 day writing mark

So you are all about half way through 30 days! Congratulations. (as seen in

Some of you probably are rolling along just fine, in a zone. Some of you are in a panic because you didn’t write as much as you had hoped by now. Some of you wrote more than expected and started to feel drained, maybe questioning the merits of your story.


Wherever you are in the process, it doesn’t matter, only getting words on the page matters. Don’t edit, don’t judge, don’t stop.


If you’re rolling along, stop reading this and just keep doing whatever you’ve been doing. Just think twice before sharing your good muse fortune as many people who were happy for you in the beginning may be dealing with some halfway mark demons of their own. Just keep pressing forward.


If you’re in a panic because you didn’t write as much as you had hoped, then don’t worry. Just figure out how many words per day you need to complete and take it day by day… In the end any word count is still amazing! But at this point you can still make up a low word count.


If you wrote more than expected and are feeling drained or doubting your story’s merits, take a quick break far far from the computer, get out in the sunlight, walk, move the body, see some beauty around you. Get back into your body, that is where creativity is… Don’t you dare question your story’s merits at this point. You are in no mental or creative place to make such judgments. You are going for a word count no a masterpiece.


In the end this is supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to get you down the path of self expression. You will have accomplished what many only dream of – actually writing THAT novel. It’s everyone’s secret dream.


In two weeks you will be able to call yourself a writer, (or reaffirm it) that is what is important here – words on the page so you can call yourself a real writer the second you get to ‘the end’.


Worth, merit, publication, save all that for later. Write these doubts and emotions down on a piece of paper marked ‘later’ and set them aside.

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Goals, Find Someone to Emulate

Goals, Find Someone to Emulate

Check out this amazing video clip of Steve Jobs as he discusses the one thing he thinks will change your perspective of life. He firmly believed in challenging himself, others, and the limits of technology for sure but he also believed in challenging everything around us, including the systems that govern our lives.

We live our lives in complete acceptance of what we see around us without thinking much about it. There’s no shame in that, we all do it. As children we have such a narrow perception of the world, we hardly know anything beyond our home town. We get caught up in decisions about careers, school, money, family… and never think to question how we run our lives.

Years ago I was working in a cubicle in NYC… ehh, not the life for me, but a good life for many many people around me.

One day, because we all took paycuts to help the company through a rough spot, the VP gave me the chance to go anywhere I wanted (within reason) on his time share account. I randomly chose Cabo San Lucas.
Now, a lot of eye opening synchronicities happened there  but for the sake of this post I’ll focus on the most profound and that was….. the fact that there were so many Americans living it up on the beach down there, full time! They were selling timeshares or running restaurants and all I could think was “What the heck am I doing going back to NYC to sit in a cubicle, while these people get to go to the beach every day? This is not fair.”

Up until that point, I had always questioned the absurdity of working all day just to pay for a place to sleep at night, but I had never seen an example of people enjoying their work and being able to take time for themselves (OK NYers do have a more than average, strong, work ethic but still).
When I got back to NYC I paged ahead a year on my desk calendar and drew a large red ? on it. If I was still sitting in this chair when that day came I would be very upset with myself. Unfortunately I was still sitting there, but that big red ? pushed me to quit, pursue writing, move to LA, and grab some of the fun these other people were having.
Sometimes all you need is an example, a role model who already thinks outside of the box….


Who is your role model?
If you don’t have one, FIND ONE!


Victoria Lynn Schmidt