Author: Victoria Lynn Schmidt

Effecting your world

As women we can easily lose touch with what makes us happy and excited as we tend to everyone else’s needs around us, whether we are a CEO or a stay at home mom. But what does this cost those we tend to? What are they missing out of if we don’t bring our insights and excitement and enlightenment to the moment we share with them? In vinyasa yoga class the other day my teacher Carole, told us about the myth of the Lord of the fishes named Matsayana and the creation of yoga. That shiva came down from...

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Know your gifts – Empathy, Empaths, & Highly Sensitive Women

It’s important for women to understand what being an empath, or a highly sensitive person, means because there are so many of us now and so few who understand our own skills. If you don’t understand it you can assume something is wrong with you, instead of knowing you are gifted. It is also important for women to understand this because many children are being born with these gifts and it helps when the mother understands what her child is going through and can help the child to embrace it and use it. If you have ever walked into...

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Yoga – lose more than weight

My journey through vinyasa and kundalini yoga has been one of fun, challenge, and letting go. One of the things I’ve let go of is physical weight which is great, so many women join for that reason, but another thing I’ve let go of is mental and emotional weight which brings confidence, self respect, and happiness. This I believe is more important because what women really want when they say they want to lose weight is to be more attractive. Losing mental and emotional weight will make one so much more attractive (and magnetically attracting) then just losing physical...

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Book Review: Alphabet vs the Goddess

Book Review – Definitely recommended. “The Alphabet vs The Goddess – Conflict of Word and Image” by Leonard Shlain with a very provocative historical thesis – that with the introduction of alphabetic writing (left brain masculine) and the moving away from pictorial writing (right brain feminine), we moved to a writing style, the very basis of our culture, that “subliminally fosters a patriarchal outlook… giving cultures, especially in the west, a strong masculine thrust.” What a slap in the face to a woman who loves to read and write! Well there is nothing wrong with being in the more...

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Great Thoughts

"Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." Thoreau