My journey through vinyasa and kundalini yoga has been one of fun, challenge, and letting go. One of the things I’ve let go of is physical weight which is great, so many women join for that reason, but another thing I’ve let go of is mental and emotional weight which brings confidence, self respect, and happiness.

This I believe is more important because what women really want when they say they want to lose weight is to be more attractive. Losing mental and emotional weight will make one so much more attractive (and magnetically attracting) then just losing physical weight. It makes us radiant, makes us a magnet for better things to come into our life. Most people don’t pick a part our physical appearance as we usually do to ourselves, it’s just not that important. Most often people first feel our vibe (which is low if you’re worried about weight) and then they look to see if we are smiling (which so few of us do when stressed and criticizing ourselves).

Yoga gives us confidence as we conquer a pose and see all that we are capable of doing. Sometimes we are more comfortable reading books or dabbling in some classes here and there,  feeling like we are doing a lot and we ARE doing a lot, but we also need to balance that with consistent experiences that bring our new changes into our nervous systems making it a part of who we are.

Yoga gives us many experiences. You will face your self, your mind, your issues, your accomplishments, your limited thinking.

CONFIDENCE comes as you show up for class, become a part of a group, and do your best to progress. The more you show up, the more you RESPECT yourself, the more you believe yourself that when you say you are going to do something you will follow through. This leads to success in many areas of life and art. And it leads to others respecting you as well. We show people how to treat us through our thoughts and actions toward ourselves.

In many kundalini classes you may go a lot deeper energetically and emotionally. Many of their sets can help to push you to let go of things that no longer serve you. Letting go of past baggage makes you lighter and HAPPIER. A lot of low level stress is released and you are able to move through the world more engaged. The more you go inward the more relaxed and focused you become. Concentrating on getting yourself into a pose makes you go inward and tune out the world. This is where you find those moments when you are able to see your true self and breathe.

Who wouldn’t want to be around someone who is confident, respects herself, and is somewhat free of past baggage?

So yes, yoga can help you lose weight but hopefully you participate enough to lose so much more than that. See it as time for your self and stay committed to showing up every week or better yet every day.