Often writers and artists procrastinate because we don’t feel we are ready yet to begin our work, we don’t feel inspired, we can’t face the unknown. We want to know we will be successful, that this project will pay the bills, that everything will work out for our art but, like an entrepreneur we have to just move forward and trust ourselves.

“We have to know who we are, then whatever we create will be in alignment with our spirit and there is no failure.” Victoria Schmidt ‘Tweet this’

Don’t make one piece of work your whole existence, your whole identity, and don’t be like pop singers who changes their focus every year, reinventing themselves to keep the whole world interested. Things are different now. Find who you are at your core, be true to that. Then worry about markets and readership. Stay aligned.

Things have changed, many writers have a core fan base and make more money with 5,000 fans who buy regularly then those who strive for a more random 100,000s of fans that usually never buy or come back. Align with your true self, then you will find those who align with your work. Don’t deviate from that unless you are called to do so… and it all works out.