So you are all about half way through 30 days! Congratulations. (as seen in

Some of you probably are rolling along just fine, in a zone. Some of you are in a panic because you didn’t write as much as you had hoped by now. Some of you wrote more than expected and started to feel drained, maybe questioning the merits of your story.


Wherever you are in the process, it doesn’t matter, only getting words on the page matters. Don’t edit, don’t judge, don’t stop.


If you’re rolling along, stop reading this and just keep doing whatever you’ve been doing. Just think twice before sharing your good muse fortune as many people who were happy for you in the beginning may be dealing with some halfway mark demons of their own. Just keep pressing forward.


If you’re in a panic because you didn’t write as much as you had hoped, then don’t worry. Just figure out how many words per day you need to complete and take it day by day… In the end any word count is still amazing! But at this point you can still make up a low word count.


If you wrote more than expected and are feeling drained or doubting your story’s merits, take a quick break far far from the computer, get out in the sunlight, walk, move the body, see some beauty around you. Get back into your body, that is where creativity is… Don’t you dare question your story’s merits at this point. You are in no mental or creative place to make such judgments. You are going for a word count no a masterpiece.


In the end this is supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to get you down the path of self expression. You will have accomplished what many only dream of – actually writing THAT novel. It’s everyone’s secret dream.


In two weeks you will be able to call yourself a writer, (or reaffirm it) that is what is important here – words on the page so you can call yourself a real writer the second you get to ‘the end’.


Worth, merit, publication, save all that for later. Write these doubts and emotions down on a piece of paper marked ‘later’ and set them aside.

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