Check out this amazing video clip of Steve Jobs as he discusses the one thing he thinks will change your perspective of life. He firmly believed in challenging himself, others, and the limits of technology for sure but he also believed in challenging everything around us, including the systems that govern our lives.

We live our lives in complete acceptance of what we see around us without thinking much about it. There’s no shame in that, we all do it. As children we have such a narrow perception of the world, we hardly know anything beyond our home town. We get caught up in decisions about careers, school, money, family… and never think to question how we run our lives.

Years ago I was working in a cubicle in NYC… ehh, not the life for me, but a good life for many many people around me.

One day, because we all took paycuts to help the company through a rough spot, the VP gave me the chance to go anywhere I wanted (within reason) on his time share account. I randomly chose Cabo San Lucas.
Now, a lot of eye opening synchronicities happened there  but for the sake of this post I’ll focus on the most profound and that was….. the fact that there were so many Americans living it up on the beach down there, full time! They were selling timeshares or running restaurants and all I could think was “What the heck am I doing going back to NYC to sit in a cubicle, while these people get to go to the beach every day? This is not fair.”

Up until that point, I had always questioned the absurdity of working all day just to pay for a place to sleep at night, but I had never seen an example of people enjoying their work and being able to take time for themselves (OK NYers do have a more than average, strong, work ethic but still).
When I got back to NYC I paged ahead a year on my desk calendar and drew a large red ? on it. If I was still sitting in this chair when that day came I would be very upset with myself. Unfortunately I was still sitting there, but that big red ? pushed me to quit, pursue writing, move to LA, and grab some of the fun these other people were having.
Sometimes all you need is an example, a role model who already thinks outside of the box….


Who is your role model?
If you don’t have one, FIND ONE!


Victoria Lynn Schmidt