It’s hard to pursue publication and success, especially in a creative field, if you don’t feel worthy of succeeding.

Do you have thoughts floating around the back of you head that you aren’t good enough? That you will never be successful at this? That it is all a waste of time? That the odds are against you? That maybe you could sell a few books but a 100,000 seems impossible? Do you tell yourself you can do it, yet deep down you know you are lying to yourself?[more…]

If you’re not sure, then try this: set a timer to go off every 60 minutes and just record what you were thinking at that time. You’ll be amazed when you start to see a pattern emerge…. is it a good pattern?

You have to believe in yourself, this is not just about saying affirmations mind you, this is about BELIEVING in yourself and what your thoughts tell you, you can accomplish. Explore it and see what happens.