In my experience, there is only one thing that holds writers back. That’s it. Just one measily little thing.

It’s NOT:
– lack of time
– lack of drive
– cramped writing space
– absense of support from others
– poor schooling
– the day job
– responsibilities…..[more…]

Those things can deter us and keep us from working at our best. They can certaintly hinder us and keep us from writing 10 books a year as many of us seem to have so many ideas to get down! But they do not hold us back.

What holds us back is DOUBT pure and simple. “Doubt is what keeps one from taking action” as Dr. Masters says. If you are not living up to your goals and finishing projects, even if it takes years, take a look and see if doubt is at the core of what’s hindering you. Explore why you might have doubts about your work? Where do those doubts come from? How did you get them? Can you let them go? Can you work in spite of them?

How do you overcome doubt?
As you go about writing your ‘idea’ don’t think of it as your idea but instead think of it as your muse’s idea. Know that s/he will follow up with all the subsequent ideas need to bring a piece to completion. That s/he believes in it and in you or s/he never would’ve inspired you in the first place. Know that as far as s/he is concerned, that idea is already completed and s/he’s just waiting for you to write it down.

If you don’t have any doubt about yourself, your ability, or your project then there really is nothing to hinder you from finishing it – even if you don’t have tons of time and the perfect conditions to write. You just won’t feel you need those things all that much.