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Author. Researcher. Yogi.
Victoria is known for her work on Journeys and Archetypes for the creative writer & is now working on her next book that serves both her creative spirit & the world in a much larger way.

spirituality, psychology, & energetic


Victoria Graduated from

UCLA-NYU-Loyola film schools, & holds a PsyD. She studied with masters in many fields from Quantum Physics to Yoga Philosophy to Martial Arts. She brings 1,000 of hours of training to her work, combining many disciplines to create something unique.


This is a very well written book that explains the information within so well that it is hard not to understand it. Not only is there a great amount of detail to what is stated inside but there are numerous examples to follow and guide the reader. In my opinion: buy it. I’m glad I did.

A Smitley 'Critic'

You saved my career!!! I can not tell you enough how impressed I was with this book!!!! This book changed my life!! … I basically gave up and didn’t plan to finish at all when I saw this book and thought, “Well, maybe this is the motivation I need.” After the first few pages I was on a roll!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

Evelyn FR 'Writer'

watch out for this one, its a brilliant book. do you find yourself getting bogged down about half way through your first draft, and getting lost in structure and plot. well this book gets you to look at character development using the mythic model approach.

Clare 'Mom'

…best of all, roughly a full 95 pages of the book cover the feminine and masculine archetypal journeys. This is where things really take off and catch at the imagination. All in all, this book is interesting, useful, and well-detailed. If your characterizations could use a little help, this might be a fun place to start!

Belinda 'Proffesor'